OSU Student Union

OSU Student Union Renovation

Poole Fire Protection served as the fire protection engineer for the Oklahoma State University – Student Union Renovation and Expansion Project.  The project provided approximately 21,100 sq. ft. of new space and 252,380 sq. ft. of renovation of existing space to reconfigure and expand student services with particular emphasis on bookstore, food service, student life, and upgrading building infrastructure.  Poole Fire Protection provided Design Development through Construction Administration services for fire protection systems including on site verification of existing conditions and available water supplies, detailed Design Development documents and Construction Documents in AutoDesk “REVIT” format, project Specifications, and Construction Administration Services.  Detailed design documents consisted of drawings, fire suppression system specifications, hydrant flow reports, site inspection reports, and acceptance testing reports in addition to code footprint plan/life safety analysis documents.  Design was completed in accordance with Sustainable Design Standards.