Fire Pumps

Offutt AFB Hangar B457

This project demonstrates that Poole Fire Protection has the knowledge and ability to coordinate and perform the fire protection and life safety design services as the Qualified Fire Protection Engineer for an existing very large hangar renovation project.  This included the detailed design of the new pre-action pipe sprinkler system, which replaced the old and corroded system, a new water storage tank and three (3) new fire pumps, new high-expansion foam system, new triple IR multispectrum flame detection system, linear themostor heat detection system to activate the pre-action sprinkler system and a new fire alarm/mass notification system for the facility.  The project also included the development of a detailed fire protection/life safe design analysis and code compliance plans as required by UFC 3-600-1.  This project is also notable due to the overall size and number of non-separated hangar bays.

Project Scope:  Poole Fire Protection developed the detailed design documents to upgrade the fire suppression systems for Hangar B457, which has a total area of 450,386 SF.  An analysis was performed to determine the extent of repair needed to support a compliant design in accordance with UFC 4-211-01.  As a result of the analysis, all hangar fire protection systems in the hangar bay were to be replaced.  This work included developing a Fire Protection/Life Safety Design Analysis, performing a life safety review of the hangar bays, designing a new fire water storage tank, designing electric-driven fire pumps to replace the existing diesel-driven pumps, design of new pre-action sprinkler systems, design of new high expansion foam systems, and design of a new triple IR flame detector system to release the pre-action and high expansion foam systems.

Poole Fire Protection furnished plans, technical specifications, design analysis, calculations, and cost estimates for the investigation and design of the fire suppression systems in Hangar B457.  The designs submitted were reviewed by the AFCEC fire protection expert.  Any comments were resolved and incorporated into the design submittals to achieve a compliant design.

The design met all the requirements of the Air Force regulations, instructions, manuals, pamphlets, and Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS), NFPA Codes and Standards, the International Building Code, and Life Safety Code, where applicable of UFC 4-211-01, NFPA codes, and USAF requirements and was consistent with the best engineering practices. The design complied with all the latest applicable.

Poole Fire Protection performed periodic visits to the site to inspect the existing conditions.  The design by Poole Fire Protection determine the most efficient and economical use of the existing hangar and site infrastructure.

Drawings were developed using the latest release of AutoCAD and the drawings were developed to be compatible with the Offutt AFC CADD system. Drawings were subjected to Quality Control processes to assure compliance with both engineering and drawing standards.