Garrison Dam

Garrison Dam Power Plant

The powerhouse at the Garrison Dam Power Plant in North Dakota underwent a major rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation activities centered on electrical distribution, switchgear, and control systems.  One of these jobs was to remove the single phase generator step up transformers (GSU) of the 230kv system and replace them with three phase GSU transformers.

Poole Fire Protection developed technical plans and specifications for the redesign of the existing fire pump for the water supply system for the deluge water system for the generator step up transformers for Units 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in accordance with UFC 3-600-01 and all NFPA applicable standards.  This work included a site visit investigation, review of the transformer deluge system hydraulic calculations, review existing supply piping, and review power feed to existing fire pump to determine if it is adequate for a new fire pump and in compliance with UFC 3-600-01 and NFPA 20.  Poole Fire Protection also reviewed contractor fabrication drawings and commissioning of the new fire pump.