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Building & Fire
Code Consulting


Ever-evolving building codes and standards require our technical code expertise to enable your project you move forward and mitigate risks. Our professional fire protection engineering team, having served on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committees that participate in the development of fire safety codes, will help you navigate the complexities of these regulations.

We get involved early in the design process, identifying the compliance issues and using our code expertise to develop solutions to meet the needs of your project.

Code Analysis and Code Footprints are both areas Poole Fire Protection can tackle. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of the regulatory agencies and, ultimately, reduce delays and decrease the costs of your projects.


Poole Fire Protection is ready to help you navigate the complexities of building and fire codes and apply them to your specific project designs.

Well versed in the model codes, including the International Family of Codes, Poole Fire Protection will provide you with practical, cost-effective solutions to complex challenges. Balancing prescriptive and performance-based code criteria, Poole Fire Protection specializes in developing engineering concepts that are not only practical for the property owner but are also acceptable to building and fire code officials.

Our team of Fire Protection Engineers will produce reports for the Authorities Having Jurisdiction which include an overview of the plan review, any compliance issues identified, and alternative approaches which align with the intent of the fire code.


Code Footprints are increasingly being required by building code authorities. Poole Fire Protection helped pioneer the concept and provides documentation that exceeds the minimum criteria required by most state and national fire safety authorities.

A Code Footprint summarizes a facility’s building and fire code features in a dynamic summary report supported by explanatory diagrams and comments.

The report conveys technical information through a pictorial “snapshot” depicting key elements of building and fire code requirements. The Code Footprint simply – but fully – outlines the site’s life safety and fire protection features.

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