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Jack Poole speaks at the induction ceremony for this year's Salamander Honor Society recipients
2015 Salamander Honor Society recipients, including Jack Poole, Principal of Poole Fire Protection

Jack Poole Chosen as honorary
member of the Salamander
Honor Society

Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE and Principal at Poole Fire Protection was inducted as an honorary member of the Salamander Honor Society on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at the University of Maryland.

The National Fire Protection Engineering Honor Society was founded in 1922 at the Armour Institute of Technology (now Illinois Institute of Technology). Dedicated to the promotion and recognition of scholarship, the promotion of original investigation, and the objectives of fraternal association within the profession, the Beta Chapter was initiated attheUniversity of Maryland in 1967.

The Salamander Society provides for three classes of membership, consisting of active, alumni and honorary members. The active members are selected from the students enrolled in the Department of Fire ProtectionEngineering. These members automatically obtain alumni membership upon graduation. Honorary membership is bestowed on individuals who have distinguished themselves in the discipline of Fire Protection Engineering. Selection for membership is a high honor in the fire protection engineering community. Ironically, Jack followed in his son, Drew's footsteps. While Jack was recently inducted as an alumni, Drew was inducted as a Salamander member a few years ago as a result of good grades at the University of Maryland.Salamander Honor Society

The mythical salamander, born of fire, imbued with fire, takes its place in the honorary society emblem to remind us that fire is not only the destroyer, but also the comforter and the servant of civilization. This legendary figure also symbolizes the belief that our most compelling duties and routine services are not performed altogether in terms of rigid and lifeless formulas.

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