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Jack Poole heads to the Caribbean to teach Gamewell- FCI end users

Poole Fire Protection - Jack Poole heads to the Caribbean to teach Gamewell- FCI end users Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE and Principal at Poole Fire Protection travelled to Barbados on Tuesday, September 9th to give a presentation on NFPA 72 and Emergency Communication System to Gamewell-FCI end-users. He moved on to give the same presentation in Trinidad on Thursday, September 11th. The overall theme of the day was "Protecting Life Safety - Addressing New Standards and Technologies for Mass Notification." Jack started things off with his presentation, "Unlocking the Mystery of NFPA 72 Codes." Other topics of the day (given by additional presenters) included:

 Introduction to Low Frequency Notification and Aspirating
 Smoke Detection
 Total Gas Detection Solutions
 NFPA 72 Code Drives Change - How Does Gamewell-FCI Fit In?
 You Deserve More from Your Fire Alarm System – The S3 Solution
 What is Shared Situational Awareness? Why Do You Need It?

Poole Fire Protection - Fire Education Day

Following the day's presentations in Barbados (Tuesday, Sept 9th),
many participants gathered at Johnny Cool's for some Carribean
libations, and to continue discussing the ins and outs of the industry.

  Poole Fire Protection - Fire Education Day
On the night prior to the presentation in Trinidad (Thursday, Sept 11), Jack met up with representatives from Cole & Associates and Gamewell-FCI to discuss the plan of eventson the following day. Above, Jack charms his way back to the kitchen to meet Chef Jospeh and to hand-pick the best Lobster tails for their table.

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