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Poole Fire Protection Team Building Event on the Kansas Belle Dinner Train

All Aboard for the Fall Team Builder!

The Poole Fire Protection team enjoyed an evening of mystery for a fall company outing! The merry band of employees, their spouses and some company friends set off on an adventure put on by “The Likely Suspects” through KC Belle Dinner Train. The guests were split into teams by table and while eating were given a chance to wine, dine, and be a part of the act themselves! With some character names that will not be forgotten (Peaches and Giggles you know who you are!). The object was to enjoy one another and of course, a friendly competition commenced to find the culprit of the deadly deed! Once again, Poole Fire Protection is making the world a safer place – the murderess was found out! Many thanks to Stephanie Poole, who spearheaded the event. Such a great opportunity to celebrate hard work and innovation by letting off some steam together!”

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