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Forbes Field Operations And Training CenterHuman Resources Center of Excellence

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Poole Fire Protection is serving as the qualified Fire Protection Engineer on the Human Resources Center of Excellence at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The project includes six buildings comprised mainly of warehouse and office space. Services provided by the firm include Fire Alarm and Mass Notification System design review and support, review of Life Safety Plans, and wet-pipe and pre-action sprinkler system review. Codes referenced were the International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC), NFPA Codes and Standards: UFC 3-600-01, UFC 4-010-01and UFC 4- 021-01. The firm is managing the construction of the fire protection and life safety systems in the facilities. Upon completion of construction, Poole Fire Protection will witness acceptance testing of the fire alarm, mass notification and sprinkler systems. The estimated construction cost on this 880,000 sq. ft. - project is $180 million.

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